Fort Boyard, filming canceled due to a storm : The details worrying

The filming of the first episode of the new season of Fort Boyard started badly. Our confreres of the Paris show that it has had to be cancelled due to weather disastrous.

Back in the skin of the new character Hibernatus on the occasion of the 30 years of the issuance of France 2, theex-host Patrice Laffont explained that a violent storm has forced the production company ALP to cancel the filming of the launch of the new edition : “I want to die, but not like that ! We had winds of over 100 km/h and the sea was very bad, with waves six metres high.” Also interviewed, the current presenter Olivier Minne has assured that this is the first time that such a thing happens since its arrival in 2003 : “We have weathered storms with water that goes over walls, but since my arrival in 2003, this is the first time that we must change the program. The wind is mounted all day and the risk was that they would not be able to leave. All the more that we finally turn in for the night, this year.

Warned in time, the candidate’s Tony Yoka, Estelle Mossely, Tom Villa, Olivier Dacourt and Marie Portolano have postponed their trip. “We were in a weather alert for a few days. Then, we have not taken any risk. But they will come back next week, “said the film director Francis Side. The production manager Eric Buron has entrusted to him : “We still anticipate days of filming in addition to cases such as this one.

Property damage

Despite the conditions, there is a small team, whose Father Fouras, went to the fort to shoot some sequences. Once the extreme weather conditions have been completed, the production was able to see some damage : “The aspects of protection have shattered and the glass with, especially in the kitchen and the rest room. We also found a lot of scum on the inside of the fort. But fortunately, the cells have not been damaged. Just as the access gateway that had been wound in time.

Our colleagues state that this is the third storm that undergoes ALP since the opening of Fort Boyard, a few weeks ago. Shooting a new number has been able to begin this Thursday, may 9, 2019 in the afternoon with the rappers Bigflo and Oli and McFly and Carlito. In order not to take risks, the prod does not have any planned event in the water.