France is the third country the most important in the economic sector of iOS apps

Lisa Jackson is in Paris for the second edition of the top Tech for Good. For the occasion, the vice-president in charge of social and environmental initiatives Apple announced that the fund, Malala girls education, for which the manufacturer is a partner since last year, supports the program of Swift training in schools Simplon (read : Swift will be taught in schools Simplon).

Lisa Jackson was at the Simplon yesterday.

The fund Malala will particularly focus on the training of the refugee(s)and women of the communities underserved by this type of program. The objective of this training is to improve the employability of recruits in the sector of mobile application development. Apple has the ambition to train 100 000 students across the world via its education program code.

The constructor also announces the reception of 400 new students in the curriculum, learning the code, and the development of apps offered by the university Federico II of Naples (read : The Apple Developer Academy of Naples wants of the student(s)French(e) (s). Since its opening in 2016, the nearly 1,000 students who have been trained in this academy (including 35 who were invited to the WWDC).

We learn also that France is the third country the most important in the industry of mobile applications iOS. The ecosystem employs 220 000 people, of which 119 000 alone in Paris, the second largest pool of employment in connection with the” App Economy ” in Europe, behind London. Lyon is in the top 30 european cities with 15 000 job-related to near or far in the development of the ecosystem iOS. Apple has paid developers French € 1.3 billion since 2008 and the opening of the App Store.

In Europe, the economy of the apps has generated 1.5 million jobs. Apple has paid developers european a total of 22 billion euros. These figures do not fall out by chance, while the European Commission and France want to put in place rules which are more favourable to developers. Without forgetting the opening of an investigation in Brussels on charges of monopoly Spotify to Apple.