Friends : Picture of a very rare and brilliant 6 stars, unveiled by Courteney Cox

While rumors of the return of the series make regular surface (in vain), if there’s one thing that remains up to date and is extremely fun to see : it is the friendship that reads the cast members ! Monica chose the one that embodies Rachel to be the godmother of her daughter, but she is also close with their third colleague, Lisa Kudrow (55), aka the inimitable Phoebe. The two women were seen in the beginning of the year in Beverly Hills. Obviously accomplices, they are supported in their respective careers. As well, Lisa Kudrow had reported on his account Instagram the program produced by Courteney Cox, 9 Months.

On the side of the boys, Matt “Joey” LeBlanc went to attend the play of Matthew “Chandler” Perry in London in 2016, The End if Longing. On this occasion, he had posted a selfie with his friend by praising him for his play. Dr. Geller, Ross, if it has more rarely been seen with the other Friends, he was present during the reunion as a tribute to one of the producers of the show in 2016, and has amused the Canvas with thematter of his look-alike thief of beers…