Galaxy Fold : Samsung has fixed the problems of its smartphone foldable

Source : @Samsung

After several problems encountered by the testers in the us on the Galaxy Fold (although our test model did not suffer any worries), Samsung had finally decided to stagger the release of its first smartphone foldable. As well, the one that was supposed to happen at the beginning of the month in France should normally land next month in our world, even if nothing has been formalized.

Samsung has in fact brought a number of changes to its Galaxy Fold in order to avoid that the buyers do not undergo the same type of problems that have been experienced by the first testers.

The first concern came from a thin layer of protection placed on the screen. Some testers have seen fit to remove this thin layer of plastic, thinking that it was a simple protective film. However, this layer is necessary for the proper functioning of the smartphone, and remove damaged severely his screen.

Thus, the south-Korean company has expanded this layer of protection so that it fits in the box of the smartphone, thus preventing users to remove it by mistake. In addition, Samsung has increased the alert messages within the smartphone telling users not to remove this film.

Another problem encountered by some testers was caused by small spaces located at the level of the hinge, which allowed dust particles to pass. Result, these particles could reach under the screen and cause malfunction. To correct this problem, the south-Korean company has simply been reduced to a minimum in the interstices of the hinge, thus minimizing the entry of dust into the device.

After you have adjusted the material concerns, Samsung is also in the same tests on the mobile networks in order to be able to take out his smartphone foldable at the earliest, according to Korean media YNA. DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Electronics, said that a release date will be announced very soon, and the Galaxy’s Fold could well land in June.