Game of Thrones : The buzz of the cup forgotten has reported a fortune at Starbucks

With 11.8 million viewers (only on HBO, without a replay, nor the platforms of streaming), the episode The Last of The Starks has made a cardboard audience. On social networks, this 4th issue of the 8th season of Game of Thrones has the buzz and it is Starbucks who rubs his hands.

In fact, without “spoiling” anything about the plot or the characters, in this episode we can see a cup of coffee placed on a table in the castle of Winterfell, in front of Daenerys… Very soon assigned to teach american Starbucks, this cup was a lot of fun for viewers and presenters of talk shows. The most complotistes saw an oversight voluntary anachronistic, since the action, although fictional, is rather supposed to be a medieval time, implying a publicity stunt – the chain saw, however, of the subscriptions. Except that… the cup is not up to the mark !

As reported by the site, CNBC, and the cup is just cardboard and does not appear to be struck by the logo of any famous brand. But the buzz has largely benefited Starbucks and, according to estimates by Stacy Jones, the boss of the company Hollywood Branded, the brand would have earned the equivalent of $ 2.3 billion of expenses of advertising for free ! On the side of the company specializing in social networks, Talkwalker, there were more than 193, 000 details that are common to Starbucks and Game of Thrones on the Canvas in just 48 hours. “This is a unique opportunity for Starbucks. But, true, it is that the top of the iceberg, because it is impossible to estimate the mouth-to-ear, “said a representative.

Since the buzz, the production of the series did away with the tumbler of the plan where it appeared for a brief moment and preferred to play the card of humor. As well, on the Twitter account of the show, followed by 8.4 million subscribers, you can see a GIF of Daenerys and the following message : “news from Winterfell. The latte that appears in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered a brew.