Game of Thrones : The final battle rages and sounds of the last hours of the series

***This article is full of spoilers about the fifth episode of season 8. Flee if you haven’t seen it !***

Queen crazy

Seven seasons have been necessary for Daenerys to access the throne, and when she finally managed to snatch the crown, Cersei, everything is fire and blood. It is found more weakened than ever, in the beginning of the episode. Betrayed of all, it has reached a point of no return. “This will be the fear”, and by these words, the mother Dragon seals the fate of Port-Réal. The execution of Varys, the image of one of Tarly, shows the Queen without mercy what has become of Dany. The death of Varys also sign the end of an era, that of the advisors… He died for the throne and carries with him his dream of a united, peaceful and ruled by a righteous king.

In the battle, to the army of Cersei, Daenerys is soon sacred winner. Decimating the company’s golden, which bar the passage, it is granted access to the throne. The sound of the bells, which sounds at the end of the war, represents the failover of the Targaryenne in the madness. From this moment on, it disappears only to become the scourge of Port-Réal. His humanity is no more and only remains of this fire, eating away at her since the beginning of the series. The young woman listened to Missandei… “Dracarys”. This episode is really the collapse of this heroic figure that was Daenerys. If she had disappeared for a few seasons, the episode marks a point of no return.“Burn them all”, to the image of his father, Daenerys becomes Queen crazy. Emilia Clarke delivers a performance of impressive, and during the scene on the walls, it perfectly embodies this shift.


The game of throne is over for Cersei and in spite of his tricks, the Queen, Lannister can do nothing in the face of fire, destroyer of Dany and her dragon. Prostrate in her tower, she assisted impotent to his defeat. Determined to stay on the throne, she escapes only at the last moment, when the immaculate can be found at the doors of the Red Dungeon. When she finds her brother Jaime, the two lovers decide to run away and all does not seem lost. But now, a Lannister always pays his debts, and this time the prize will be the life, theirs and that of their child.

From the very first episode, Jaime had said, he will do everything for love and when he pushes Bran from the tower, he will also sign his commitment lord towards his sister. When Tyrion frees him, then there is no longer any doubt, he is about to die with it. After the fight in the face of Euron, which nearly cost the life, he joins the woman he loves ever since. In the crypt of the Red Dungeon, they find themselves trapped and nothing can save them. The music of Ramin Djawadi highlights masterfully the irony of the scene and the sound of Rains of Castamere, we can’t help but think of the wedding, purple “Yes, the rains continue to cry in his den, and no soul shall hear more.” The two lovers die together. The prophecy did not come true.

The clash of the titans

The Clegane Bowl has taken place and if the outcome was predictable, the scene has ripped screams of horror and gasps of amazement. A brutality without precedent, the clash between the Assembly and the Bloodhound is beautifully staged. This staircase, located at the epicenter of the clashes, is the theater of a fratricidal panting. In parallel with Arya, who struggle to escape the horror in the city, the Sleuth book a furious battle. He knows that, when he made his farewell to the young Stark, there will be no survivor. He carried his brother in his fall and will end where it began, in the flames. The blaze that disfigured will also be the object of his revenge. It is a beautiful death for this character that has gradually taken hold of our affection.

Jon helpless

If it has not ceased to bow the knee in the face of his queen, the heir to the Targaryen can no more prove his devotion, and that’s when he pushes that the situation reached the point of no return. Helpless, he witnessed the massacre of the inhabitants of Port-Réal. In the Face of the horror of the scene played under his eyes, the young wolf tries to intervene and to recall its troops, but nothing. Everything is black or white, and those that we take for the heroes to become murderous and bloodthirsty. The Dothrakis and the Immaculate destroy everything in their path and attack on both armed Lannister, for the inhabitants of the City. The battle is orchestrated with brio, in the epic hellish of Arya through the streets inflamed, one becomes aware of the horror of the scene. Suffocating, the scenes are worthy of the battle of the bastards, which also offered beautiful moments panting. The last battle has certainly been the most bloody. This episode suffers from all the same facilities to scriptwriting, to the image of the destruction of the fleet of the islands of iron. In the previous episode, the scorpions had been because of one of two dragons of Daenerys. This time, the mother of dragons comes out of it miraculously, and very quickly the upper hand on his opponents.