Game of Thrones : the final episode contains a lot of references to the series itself

***Warning this article contains spoilers about the finale of Game of Thrones***

In this last episode D. B Weiss and David Benioff are addressed to the audience several times and does not hesitate to do so in the reference meta. At several points, the episode challenges and questions directly from the fans.

A sweet chorus

If you read the books of G. R. R Martin, this detail has not escaped. While Bran gives his first commission as king, Sam brings the manuscript of his history up to the throne. A song of ice and fire, A Song of Ice and Fire, this is the title chosen by his writer, with the help of Sam, but also the title of the saga of Martin. A beautiful blink of an eye that allows you to turn the page on Game of Thrones.

Daenerys becomes queen crazy

If some were not convinced by the turnaround, the creators are explained by the intermediary of Tyrion. “Everywhere, where does Daenerys, those who embody the evil dies and we are grateful. It becomes more powerful, and she thinks to know what is right and good” Not only, the character explains the reasons for this upheaval, but tells the story of the mother of dragons in the hearts of the fans. We also raised a question on this that we are unworthy and up to what point can we accept the violence.

“Ask me in ten years.”

The end do you think that may not be perfect, but it is one that the writers have chosen, and as time heals the wounds, the one that does not seem ideal, could prove to be the best. When he pays a visit to Jon, Tyrion gives his views on the collective decision made by the lords of the seven kingdoms “Person is never really happy, I guess this means that it is a good compromise.” A sentence that will address very clearly as much up to the viewer to Jon. The writers are aware of this purpose of appeal not to everyone, at least for the moment. When Jon wonders if it is fair, Tyrion replied “Ask me in ten years”. Perhaps this is the time that we need to appreciate this final to its fair value.

A conclusion in parallel

The series opened up on to the beyond the wall and the creators of the series are not deprived of making a parallel between the two scenes. This time, Jon and Tormund go to the North, can now be issued walkers.

“All it takes is a good story”

In a final wink, D. B. Weiss and David Benioff return to the adventure Game of Thrones. Despite its flaws, the series has gathered millions of fans who cried and laughed, following the adventures of its characters. “There is nothing in the world more powerful than a good story.” When Tyrion is addressed to the lords of the seven crowns, he makes an obvious reference to the series as a work. No matter the weapons and the banners, everything you need, it’s a good story. Game of Thrones is not its end but its epic.

D. B Weiss and David Benioff have offered a conclusion to the adventure Game of Thrones and whether you like it or not, it will say your goodbyes to Westeros. The series will be attended by more than 12.48 million viewers in the usa and many more around the world. Today, a page turns for the series phenomenon.