Game of Thrones, the final one : our critique of the last episode

Attention : The text below does spoile not specific elements of the plot of the last episode of GoT but it contains our overall opinion on it. If you want to keep the surprise intact, we advise you not to read it before watching the episode. The text spoile moreover, some elements of the previous episodes of the last season.

After having kept the public in suspense for eight years, Game of Thrones ended this morning. And it is not without emotion that we listened to the opening credits run for the last time. The jumps in narrative constant we were sometimes bored as the seasons passed (hard to attach to the character when it passes from one to the other so frequently) but we can’t remove in Game of Thrones his breath and his creativity.

With its contrasting landscapes and its fascinating communities, the universe of the series alone is of an exceptional richness. And, in the last season, the creators of the series show that they have not lost the thread and are able to converge, despite a few false notes, this myriad of plots. The final is probably not as stunning as some had hoped (given the inventiveness of fans and the level of expectations of the public, this risk was foreseeable). But this is perhaps not so serious as it seems.

Despite its coloration fantastic, the saga has always been conspicuous by its realism. It has, moreover, shown by the bold bet to conclude the arc of a narrative Walkers white from the 3rd episode of season 8. The human comedy, and political intrigue remains the main topic of Game of Thrones, far ahead of the threats supernatural. This final may be a little too ordinary continues, eventually the same logic : to offer a conclusion that is realistic and perfect the evolution of any nuances of the different characters. The previous episode (The Bells) contained in this regard sequences of interest that of the reunion of Jaime and Cersei. We just have to remember the history of other characters of the series to measure the complexity of their construction, the crossing incredible that they have had on those eight seasons. As is often said, what matters is not the destination, it’s the journey. And we do not regret in the least to be embedded in that of Game of Thrones