Game of Thrones : a look back on the journey of the character winner

*** Attention spoilers about the episode ***

Its history has not started in the most gentle. The young Bran, then he surprised Jaime and Cersei Lannister during the act of sex incest, is projected from the top of the tower, by the regicide. First in the coma for a few episodes, he wakes up, but nothing is as it was before. Visions disturb his sleep.

In his visions of season 1, the young Bran sees a strange bird. The crow with three eyes showed him of the events, past and present. After an epic in the North, Bran the finally meet, and c’is at this time that began his learning, one who is also Zoman, will explore how to use its power to become omniscient. His power seems unlimited and the boy discovers in the course of his journeys of the psyche, the origins of Jon. It will prove to be an inexhaustible source of information. He said so himself, during his reunion with Sansa,“I can see everything that happens, everything that happened.

Close links with the king of the night

Winter is coming to Winterfell and the king of the Night is organised to invade Westeros. Bran in his visions, discover how the King of the dead has been created. The links between the two characters is narrowed when he brand Bran at the wrist. Uphere the characters of the visions of the young Stark, were not able to see him, but the King of the Night seems to have this ability. A few hours before the Battle of Winterfell, it is understood, finally, what are the plans of the King of the Night. Well, almost. To rebuild the world of ice, it will remove the witness of the past, Bran. When it approach to land the fatal blow, one comes to wonder if his intention is really to kill him. Before that,Arya did arise in his back, he pulls out his sword, but did not seem in a hurry to use it.

“There is nothing more powerful than a story.

Many cry out to the Deus Ex Machina, but the arrival of Bran on the throne makes sense. The character knows everything and his lack of humanity would make him the best king that Westeros has ever known. He has said, he has no desire to rule anything, besides he will not do it. This episode tells us finally, that the king will not take the decisions, and that there is enough of a heroic figure to mobilize the crowds. It does not take part in the council and finally it is Tyrion who is leading the kingdom, with the assistance of his team of character, which was not foreseen in the exercise of power.

“You are exactly where you needed to be

And if the final was hiding a story even more than the arrival of a kind of democracy ? At several points in the episode, Bran insists that he knew, that each was in its place. Some fans see it as a real strategy. According to them, the young man would have plotted to gain access to the throne : dco the dagger Arya to kill the King of the Night, revealed the origins of Jon for dragging Daenerys in the madness…