Game of Thrones : the site of paris Winamax reveals the ratings of the characters

**Attention spoilers**

Some had seen it coming, others not, but Daenerys has slid into madness and reduced Port-Réal in ashes. Winamax offers you a new time to bet on your favorite. The head of the list, the Bran remains in first with a score of 1.70. A Stark can hide another since it is Sansa who finds himself on the second step of the podium (3) right in front of his cousin/brother Jon with 5. The players bet on Jon Snow to 26% while 14% bet on Daenerys. No sign of Gendry, which has since become little Lord of Lull. He could reign alongside Arya, even if she refused his proposal of marriage. Maybe will it change their mind if Daenerys is reduced to nil.

The mother of dragons reduced to ashes ?

After his little bbq last week, the life expectancy of Daenerys is close to zero and Winamax offers to bet on the death of the character. Among the theories proposed by the online betting platform, the most likely seems to be the death by a sword or a dagger. Arya with his dagger or Jon with Great-claw, anything is possible. With 4.50, Daenerys could survive and establish the terror to Westeros. 10, the poisoning and suicide do not seem to be the most plausible options for Winamax. If you want to win the bet to 50, it will be necessary to focus on the fire. The mother of dragons yet presented as resistant to the flames has never been the kiss afire with one of his dragons. And if Drogon could reduce them to ashes ?

Game of Thrones returns for its ultimate episode, Monday morning on the OCS. The game of throne, you win or you die.