Game of Thrones : That of Cersei or Daenerys is in a position of strength for the final battle ?

*** Spoilers on episode 3 of season 8 ***

Fans of Game of Thrones will stop at nothing to find out the conclusion of the series iconic. On Reddit, one of them has identified all of the forces available to the two Queens and doing the accounts. It would seem that Cersei is in a position of strength.

Daenerys is gray mine

Since her marriage with Khal Drogo in season 1, the young Targaryen has come a long way. For 7 seasons, viewers followed the Mother of Dragons in his quest for the throne and the constitution of his army. Upon her arrival in Winterfell, the North was able to become aware of the vastness of it, made up of 8 000 immaculate, 100 000 Dothrakis, according to Jorah in season 6, and three boats provided by the Greyjoy. But now, the battle before the King of the Night has been deadly and the forces of the scribbler card Chains, no longer have their former splendour.

The walkers have reduced the Dothrakis to nil and greatly weakened the clean. Though formidable, these forces would have been an argument of size in the face of Cersei. Moreover, Dany is not certain to be able to count on the men of her lover for his battle against Cersei, on the descent of Snow did not really enchanted the young woman. If Jon came to join his beloved, he would support a non-negligible amount of 20 000 men from the North and the Vale. The young wolf may also hold boats, which he used to join Daenerys to Peyredragon.

Cersei raises her glass

By choosing to stay snug in Port-Réal, Cersei has made the right choice. The one who sits on the throne, has used the ruse of its own to enlarge his army, and weaken that of its rival. His alliance with Euron Greyjoy and earns 20 000 men of the company golden and 1000 boats in its fleet. The queen Lannister can also count on 30 000 knights islands of Iron, and the approximately 10 000 soldiers of the army Lannister.

The war of the lights

The two queens will be able to count on the heat to win the battle. With two dragons, Daenerys starts with an advantage over its rival. But it is without counting on the reserves of Greek fire hidden within the catacombs of Port-Réal. If it is not known precisely what remains after the barbecue of the Grand Septuaire of Baelor, Cersei has the advantage of having the position of strength. Based on the strategy of his brother at the Battle of the Néra, she could undo all the army of his enemy in a snap of the fingers or matchsticks.

The fate of Daenerys seems to be sealed, but the series is famous for to take us where we do not expect it. Beware of appearances, the game of throne is full of surprises. Game on…