Game of Thrones : The unanswered questions after the grand final

***Warning this article contains spoilers on Game of Thrones. If you haven’t seen the final episode, stop reading.***

The song of ice and fire ends on a note of melancholy, and we need to say our goodbyes to Westeros. If most of the story arcs have been concluded in this episode, some of our questions remain unanswered.

Where was Bran, during the battle of Winterfell ?

During the confrontation with the walkers white, the Crow with three eyes took flight, away from the battle, and only reappeared in the last minutes, a few seconds before her sister landed the coup de grace. It was thought that this episode would bring us the answer to this absence, but the series chooses to ignore this information. The new King of Westeros, is still very mysterious as to the use of his powers. We will not know either if he can see the future and what role it played in the forfeiture of Cersei and Daenerys.

What were the motivations of the King of the Night ?

The series had made the choice to be open on the walkers white and developed this storyline over the episodes. But here, the threat was averted as of episode 3, without any precision as to the motivations of the king of the Night. We don’t know more about what drove the character to train his army to invade Westeros. That fans can rest assured that the prequel should bring a lot of response on the origins of these creatures of ice.

Why the North does it remain independent ?

It remains sceptical when Sansa asks for the independence of his country Nordienne. If this desire for emancipation was the meaning when the Lannister’s were on the throne, she did not seem to be justified in the end of this series. The writers had a clear idea of the fate that it holds for Sansa, and through shortcuts scriptwriting, it is taken to the place where they wanted to.

Who is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai ?

The priestesses of the master of the light provided for the return of the hero. This religion, essentially present in Essos, announces the coming of a chosen one, able to defeat the darkness. This elected would be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, the warrior of the Light who overcame the darkness during the long night. The hero forged a sword capable of igniting the walkers and whites to stop the first invasion. But now, the series is complete and no trace of the elect. No one can accuse the series of taking the opposite of the works of fantasy classic, but we would have liked the small details on the character. Game of Thrones had already taken its distances with the other prophecy, that of the death of Cersei and it is so much better. Finally, the magic has no importance in the face of the policy.

That happened when Tyrion walked in with a donkey and the honey in a brothel ?

Only the fans ultimate of Game of Thrones waiting for the fall of this joke already in a previous season, but the writers prevent us voluntarily to hear the end of his story.

Game of Thrones will return next week with a documentary exclusive. The Last Watch follows the actors and the technical teams behind the scenes of this past season. Game Over.