Game Of Thrones vs. Avengers Endgame: the commonalities of the two World hits of 2019

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The coincidence of the calendar allows them to do the event at the same time, at the cinema for one, on the television for the other. And for us to see similarities between "Avengers Endgame" and Season 8 of "Game Of Thrones".

ATTENTION-the article below contains spoilers, as it evokes in detail some of the elements contained in "Avengers Endgame", or Episode 3 of Season 8 of"Game Of Thrones". So if you are not up to date on one of them and want to keep the surprise intact, please go ahead and come back later. For the other, go after the trailer for the latest Marvel movie to date.

Is it a coincidence? Or does the fact that the two works are visible at the same time shed more light on their commonalities? Because it's hard to deny that Avengers Endgame and the last season of Game Of Thrones have some similarities, besides the "ultimate" side of their respective stories. And it's even more blatant since the episode" The Long Night", centred on the Battle of Winterfell. Evidence.

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It's your destiny.

"Everything that has happened has brought you here," Bran told Theon, when he blamed himself for abandoning him. These words echo those spoken by young Stark to Jaime in Episode 2, when he forgave Cersei's brother for pushing him from the top of a tower in the show's pilot, explaining that, without this act, he would not have become the man he is at the time of their reunion. The notion of destiny is thus very present in the HBO show, as well as in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially in the Dyptic Infinity War-Endgame, the promotion of which revolved around the phrase "Everything led to this moment", referring both to the feature films designed by Kevin Feige and his team and to the actions of each of the characters. An aspect that certainly goes against the idea of free will, but is incarnated, on one side as on the other, in a character.


This may also be the reason why Bran forgives Jaime : he can see into the past and the future and therefore knows that, if he had not made him crippled, the member of the Lannister family would not have become the man who is and is about to perform a key Act in the last three episodes that Game Of Thrones reports. To find out which one, we'll have to wait a little longer. Or try to drag the nose of Arya and Sansa's brother, who already knows how this final season will unfold. Hence his rebuttal to Theon, the subject of the philosophy Baccalaureate, and the fact that he did not tremble at all when the King of the night was about to kill him, knowing full well that his time had not yet come.

Not necessarily any less haughty in his way of addressing others, Doctor Strange is the equivalent of Bran in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Guardian of the stone of time, he can indeed go back but also see in the future, as he does in one of the scenes of Infinity War, where he explores in a few seconds the 14,000 605 possible scenarios to announce to Tony Stark that the heroes come out victorious in their confrontation with Thanos only in... only one of these cases. And it is for this reason that he gives the gem that he had to protect to the Titan: he knows that, paradoxically, it is by allowing him to succeed his great project that they can then defeat him.

Many netizens did not fail to make the connection between the two characters, who have been the subject of the same joke for a few days : each of them is represented on a meme online, saying that Bran, as a crow with three eyes, knows everything, and that Doctor Strange has seen 14,000 605 times the end of Avengers Endgame, but that none of them has spoiled. We can also see this as an easy way to justify certain inconsistencies in the script, and to suggest that it might have been easier to reveal the future to the main interested parties, but the hero embodied by Benedict Cumberbatch justifies his silence: "if I tell you what is going to happen, it will not happen", he answers to a Tony Stark who does not yet know that he will have to sacrifice himself, and will only understand it a few moments later.

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Like a last lap. Or an honorable Baroud. Game Of Thrones reminds both Avengers Infinity War and Endgame that unity is strength. Especially when the threat facing them is as formidable as the white marchers 'army or Thanos' army. If the paths of one and the other have separated, according to chance or differences, the reunion seems to be a necessary step towards victory, the opportunity to bury the hatchet to face, together, against a common enemy.

And this is how Jaime Lannister comes to side with Jon Snow and Daenerys on HBO, even if he has to confront Bran; that Bruce Banner comes to ask for Tony Stark's help in the cinema; and, above all, that Steve Rogers give up his fugitive status to become Captain America again. If "everything that happened led you here", it is little to say that the road was long and chaotic for some.

"Do you trust me? - Yes"


In addition to the narration and use of certain codes, Game Of Thrones and Avengers join forces in their respective ambitions. But with a mirror effect, each one relying on the medium of the other to propose something different : the HBO show thus proves to be a series with a cinematic ambition, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by applying on a large screen what was done in comic books (a fully connected universe, where individual stories revolve around a more general frame), has a serial approach to the narration in the cinema, each Phase can be seen as a season, with his final episode that sees the Avengers reunite.

An aspect that the designers of the MCU absolutely do not deny: on our microphone, at the time of the release of Thor - the world of darkness, Kevin Feige recognized that his work was close to that of a showrunner. And in an interview with the New York Times, scriptwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (six Marvel writers, including Captain America and the last two Avengers) readily rely on the notion of "serialized storytelling," and admit that Game Of Thrones, with its multiple characters and intrigues, was one of their references when they wrote Infinity War. "Marvel has been accused of being the most expensive television show, and there is some truth to it," they explain.

We must, of course, also take into account the use of certain archetypes in the respective approaches to each work, and in particular, the heroic trajectories and stories of redemption, to explain the similarities we perceive. But Game Of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, provide further proof that the boundaries between series and cinema are increasingly porous. While waiting for the House of ideas to go even further, offering a second life to some of its heroes (Hawkeye, Loki, Vision, Falcon, Winter Soldier...) on a small screen. And with the same interpreters.

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It is a Stark that saves the bet: Tony in Avengers Endgame, Arya in the Battle of Winterfell. This time it's just a coincidence, but it was probably said that Game Of Thrones and the latest Avengers would join on more than one point.

Will there be more in common with "Endgame" in the next episode of "Game Of Thrones"?