Game of Thrones : What are the theories for the end of the series ?

**Attention spoilers**

Bran, in addition to being the character with the most enigmatic is especially the one who knows everything. His foresight allows him to see the past, the present and the future, and it seems only to use this gift that very rarely. The crow with three eyes, has not seen fit to warn Jon of the changeover of his beloved in the madness. And if from the beginning, the goal of Bran was to destroy Port-Réal ? One of the reasons that explains the radical change of state of mind of the scribbler card string, this is the real identity of Jon. By learning the truth about the young wolf, Bran has disrupted the events. When he asks Sam to tell Jon, he seals the fate of this love between the Stark and Targaryen. When Jon gives to his tower to Daenerys, it is seen as a threat to the throne she covets so much.

Bran also intervenes when Jon is reluctant to reveal the truth to Sansa and Arya. “It’s your choice”, rather than remaining silent, the crow with three eyes, attracted finally the attention on the secret of his brother. The situation out of control, therefore, since Sansa is eager to tell Tyrion, then Varys. This is when Varys learns the news and decides to kill the queen that it ends up spinning himself. She was betrayed of all, Jon, Tyrion, and Varys. Bran could also be regarded as responsible for the death of Missandei and the dragon of Daenerys. In fact, as he was able to see that the king of the Night had brought Viserion to life, he would have been able to anticipate the ambush of Euron and fleet Iron.

Bran has taken control of Daenerys ?

And if the furious desire of the mother of dragons to reduce Port-Réal in ash was the work of Bran ? As we saw in the previous episodes, the crow with three eyes can take control of anyone, Hodor, for example. This will explain why, with his dragon, Daenerys has not addressed directly to Cersei, responsible for the death of Missandei and Rhaegal. But now, if this theory is interesting, it is not clear what are the motivations of the young man. To take the throne ? And if the King of the Night was not really dead ?

Jon kills Daenerys and becomes Azor Ahai ?

The reversal of the situation that everyone was waiting for arrived. The “Mad Queen” destroyed Port-Réal, and remains only one solution : to put an end to his days. The one who will certainly kill the mother of dragons, this is Jon. The prophecies are very important in the universe of Game of Thrones and one of them you might have missed it. This religion (the Master of Light), essentially present in Essos, announces the coming of a chosen one, able to defeat the darkness. This elected would be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, the warrior of the Light who overcame the darkness during the long night. The hero forged a sword in the planting in the hearts of his beloved. The threat of the walkers white has been ruled out for Arya, but after the snow, it is fire that threatens Westeros. The legendary hero should be reborn of salt and smoke to save the kingdom. And more of Daenerys, Jon is the only character to be returning from the dead. By killing the mother of the dragons, perhaps he could become Azor Ahai ?

Arya farm other blue or green eyes

Mélisandre told him so. Arya will close blue eyes, greens and browns. And if it has already closed the eyes of the king of the Night, the young Stark could kill again. In the previous episode, she walked in the direction of Port-Réal to kill Cersei, but it is ultimately the landslide of the crypts of the red dungeon, which will because of the queen Lannister.

The most probable for this final would be to see the faceless to kill Daenerys, become the biggest threat to the top of Westeros. Arya will have no choice than to kill that which has reduced Port-Réal in ashes. The trailer seems to go in this direction, which ultimately doesn’t reassure us really. The series known for its plot twists, situation could well surprise us one last time.

It will take a few days to discover who will finally go up on the throne. Today, more than ever, the theories fill the canvas. The strength of Game of Thrones is to surprise us, let’s hope that the writers do in this final episode. The series will end next Monday at 3 am in the morning on OCS.