Game of Thrones : Who is Azor Ahai, the chosen of the Master of Light ?

***This article contains spoilers on episode 3 of the ultimate season.***

The prophecies are very important in the universe of Game of Thrones and one of them you might have missed it. It is necessary to look to the side of the Master of Light to find the answers to all the questions that walkers white cause. This religion, essentially present in Essos, announces the coming of a chosen one, able to defeat the darkness. This elected would be the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, the warrior of the Light who overcame the darkness during the long night. The hero forged a sword capable of igniting the walkers and whites to stop the first invasion, Illumination.

Arya, the reincarnation of Azor Ahai ?

If a lot of people thought that Jon would be the hero that everyone was waiting for, finally it is Arya who struck the fatal blow, bringing an end to the long night. The young woman has come a long way since the beginning of the series and nothing was preparing us to see it defeat the King of the Night. Yes, but here it is, the prophecy also mentions a person who will be reborn of salt and smoke to wake dragons from stone. If we can consider the formation of Arya with the faceless as a resurrection, an element is missing from the equation. At no time, the young woman has been in contact with the dragon eggs and it is Daenerys that brings them back to life.

Jon Snow, the perfect candidate

And if the prophecy does not speak of the walkers white ? The threat would come from elsewhere ? With the sword of his father offered to Jaime as a sign of allegiance, Jon could bring Enlightenment. If the previous episode was put on pause the quest of the throne, the game could resume very soon and the two lovers-allies may turn against one another. Dany does not seem ready to leave his crown, and Jon could imagine sitting on the iron throne. The war without mercy, will crown certainly Jon is the big winner and condemn Daenerys to death. It is certainly his hand that will kill the young Targaryen, because “the one who pronounces the sentence must in person run it”, according to Ned Stark. By plunging the sword into the heart of his love, Jon will be reborn Enlightenment and with it, its creator Azor Ahai.

The young wolf is the perfect candidate, since it has been brought back to life by Mélissandre and that he is a Targaryen, therefore, capable of waking up the dragons as her aunt. May be the end of sweet and bitter that has been promised by G. R. R Martin…

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