#GeekPrideDay : purchase of€ 25 hidden in the source code of the site CDiscount !

A message that only geeks will understand…

Today is the international day of the geeks ! Event international meeting in the name of Geek Pride Day on may 25 is a special day in celebrating the culture geek around the world.

On this occasion, Cdiscount has wanted to make a gift to its customers geeks, who enjoy each year on the website of an offer that speaks to them, ranging from the high tech video games through tickets to attend matches of e-sports.

But this year, it is also the opportunity to take advantage of the first promotion aimed at us geeks, trying to flush out codes directly hidden in the source code Cdiscount.

Cdiscount give you an appointment on her website from 11 am, for a chance to win vouchers of 25€ ! Attention, there will not be for everyone. Only the first 100 to find the code will be able to benefit from the 25€ available then on the site, and take the opportunity to renew a smartphone, buy a new game console or even purchase a ticket to attend an exhibition of Star Wars.

Prepare your keyboards, and go against the Geek Pride Day with Cdiscount !

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