Godi (The Voice 8) as a couple : “We don’t let go”

Saturday 11 may 2019, TF1 broadcasts the last night of the battles of The Voice 8. Godi (22 years old) clashed with another Talent of his coach Mika on the song You let go of Charles Aznavour as he has been entrusted by the detour of an interview for the magazine Public. And he has struggled to put themselves in the shoes of a man who criticizes his companion.

I thought I’d sing something more urban. But I took it as a challenge, even if You let go, that Mika has selected, is very far from me, I live with my girlfriend, because I’m not the type to throw nasty stuff, “said Godi.

It’s been six wonderful years that the woodcutter file the perfect love with a young woman named Prisca. And this is obviously not going to stop : “With Priscilla, we’ve been together since I was 16 years old. I had spotted it at the college already, and in the past six years, it does not let go. It channels my energy, it speaks of everything.” If he admits to having a side that is a little macho at times, Godi says he “also loves to promote it to make him happy“.

For the moment, the couple has no plans to marry. The young man prefer to see what’s happening on the musical side, before thinking to commit for life.

The full interview of Godi is to be found in the magazine Public of the may 10, 2019.