Golf, Donald Trump is the master of cheating!

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According to sportswriter Rick Reilly's book, Donald Trump cheats hard at golf. The passion of the president of the United States is no longer to be described, but the behaviour outlined in "Commander Cheating, How does golf explain Trump" highlights a Donald Trump cheating, behaves badly, and the author asks himself: does he do so as president of the United States?

Writing a book about Donald Trump's connection to golf might seem anecdotal or just a little mockery, because the president of the United States is a golf maniac. Since the beginning of his presidency, he would have gone to a golf course 173 times - he himself owns 17 courses in the United States and abroad and would have played at least 82 times. A passion that would have a total cost estimated at nearly $ 99 million depending on the site But the motivations of the sports journalist Rick Reilly to write this book and the revelations that flow from it are different and are nested above all in the behaviour of the president on a course, even in the general image that Donald Trump reflects of this sport. Because the latter cheats and behaves like a real crook in a place where the proper dress is normally required. Rick Reilly's excellent work goes even further by revealing that Donald Trump hired his golf connections at the White House. Thus at a post symbolically strong of its presidency, finds one of its former caddies, Dan Scavino. A caddy is the person who carries the player's bag, takes care of the equipment and strives to determine the point of fall of the player's ball during the 18 holes.

Donald, an ugly golf duck

Dan Scavino, then 16 years old, had been randomly selected in the 90s by Donald Trump before a run, he finds himself assistant to the president of the United States and holds personal access to the presidential Twitter account. The former bag carrier turned social media director is also the longest-lived person in the White House. But this story is amazing, it is a little the fall of the book. Because previously it is the real and cruel portrait of a cheater that is told. The king is laid bare on a golf course and Donald Trump turns out to be a fake commander! The book amuses itself to describe the young Donald Trump, very early an ugly duck of golf, who learned to play on a rather ill-fated public course in Philadelphia where colourful players bet 10-dollar bills on everything and anything, a bit like gambler poker players. Donald Trump has since never stopped betting and cheating on a golf course, as he does in other areas of his life... comes to ask journalist Rick Reilly.

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Kicking his ball is strictly forbidden!

If there's one place you can't cheat, it's on the golf course. Already because the rules of the Royal and Ancient of Saint Andrews as old as this first golf club in the world of 1754 are immutable, but also because it is a sport of gentlemen during which everyone notes the score of his opponent and must respect, with the smile or not, the vagaries of the relief and the climate. It is one of the joys of the game. Only here, Donald Trump is not a gentleman like the others and arranges his way with the elements or the spell. The final portrait of the president of the United States in this hilarious book makes him a compulsive liar and cheat, unable to accept with humility that a terrain or even an opponent resists him.

But what exactly is he doing? The list of testimonies collected by Rick Reilly is long and eloquent. The president of the United States is kicking her ball when she's too out of the way, we're talking about the fairway, and it's strictly forbidden! He is also able to take out of his pocket a new bullet to better camouflage that he just misplaced one, it is strictly forbidden! He even goes so far as to move the balls of his opponents, too well placed according to him! Like that, just so you don't lose, and it's almost shocking! The book is mind-boggling and funny as long as you taste the psychological exposure of an American president.

Donald Trump surrounds himself with fake golf

For it is common knowledge that walking 18 holes after a small white bullet is a formidable indicator of everyone's personalities. This sport can be maddening, demonic and humiliating-French champion Jean Van de Velde gives a powerful testimony of his downhill at the British Open in the Netflix Losers series. A part at the side of an unknown person acts as a filter which, after almost four hours of walking, makes the masks fall. But Trump chose him to cheat with reality, surround himself with fake golf. So, according to the author of the book, The passion of Donald Trump and the media image that emerges are proving to be the worst thing to happen to the world of golf already too often looked down on (guindé, elitist or others...). Tiger Woods and his sports colleagues can always try to raise the flag of a sport that is once again media-driven, passionate and even muscular, the courses that Donald Trump owns are well in his image: a golf course " bling bling ", deformed of artificial obstacles and pitifully criss-crossed in a cart. They are a long way from the first Scottish links - a seaside route - which were naturally formed by the free-ranging sheep. Donald Trump would rather take his opponents for sheep and it is in Scotland that he delivers a real "golf war" as titled By the world since he bought a course, and is trying to expand another one. Some Scots hate Donald Trump's attitude

Several chapters of the book are devoted to this symptomatic quarrel - Donald Trump claims Scottish origins without even knowing that one does not say "I am scotch" but "I am Scottish" and this amuses his opponents.

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Trump discreetly puts a bullet in his pocket.

The book's wildest anecdote goes like this: during a game with Tiger Woods, the president of the United States can afford all the players on the planet - Donald Trump misses his departure, and splash ! the bullet ends up in the water. Then he says to his cart, I raise one, nobody looked. The president of the United States remains of marble, rushing into his cart as if he had succeeded-he is known to ride even on the greens, but this is another story that takes place that day -, moving towards the flag, the objective, he then discretely puts a ball that he had in his pocket. At the end of the hole, he said he was proud to have played like Tiger Woods who didn't grunt him or laugh at him. The book is an avalanche of stories as twisted, even coarse, about this artist President cheating at golf and undoubtedly elsewhere.