[Good Plan] E-Gift Card Fnac / Darty to a value of 60€ to 50€ and 150€ to 130€ !

Buy 50 euro and spend euro 60Buy 130 euros and spend 150 euros

This e-Gift Card Fnac-Darty is only valid until 31 may 2019 and is used in one or several times in the stores Fnac, Darty, and on fnac.com (out of press subscriptions, photo prints and Marketplace), in France. The balance and the validity date of the card can be communicated to the point-home of the Fnac and Darty. The terms and conditions of use and the list of stores Fnac and Darty are available on www.fnac.com and on www.darty.com.

Use in store : present the e-Gift Card Fnac-Darty cash on hand and complete, if necessary, with a payment method of your choice agreed to by the shop Fnac and Darty.

Use on fnac.com : enter the card number and the pin, and fill in if necessary with a payment method of your choice agreed to by fnac.com.

The e-Gift Card Fnac-Darty may neither be exchanged, nor resold, or refunded, even partially, or credited to a card or a bank account, or another gift card, or be subject to a discount and may not give rise to any rendering of currency. It is neither replaced nor refunded in case of loss or expiration.