Google Assistant on Sonos, as early as next week

The next week, Sonos will finally deliver the support of Google Assistant in its precinct One and at the helm of his Beam. Attention, only in the United States in a first time, but the rest of the world will be served ” in the coming months “, wrote the constructor in its quarterly letter to shareholders. A little more, a little less, it will not change much : the support of Google Wizard was originally intended… for the last year.

Sonos had made a demonstration of the capabilities of Google Wizard on its products in early January, during the ces. It was then learned that he will have to choose his assistant of choice, Alexa, or Google Wizard, and stick to it. The two assistants will not be able to coexist at the same time (read : Sonos : Alexa or Google Assistant, it will be necessary to choose).

This information was given on the occasion of the quarterly results of the company, which posted a turnover of $ 210 million (+13% compared to the same quarter of the previous year) and 785 291 products sold in the first three months of the year (+1%).