Google has not yet found the right formula for his own device foldable

With Screen Continuity, Android Q integrates the necessary that will allow an application to view comfortably on a screen that is foldable. Small format or large format, whatever, this function will adjust the display of the app and most importantly, keep his state. This is the equivalent of App Continuity, a system developed by Samsung to carry an app from one screen to the other of the Galaxy Fold.

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Google, which has a demonstration of Asphalt 9 in the video above, look at the screens are foldable, which is not really a surprise : last November, on the occasion of the first presentation of the Galaxy Fold, Google announced its support for this technology ; what the search engine was confirmed in February.

With all of that, one may ask if Google does not have in mind to launch his own vision of a device foldable. It is found that the company, in the secrecy of its labs, is in full design prototype, revealed to Cnet Mario Queiroz, the boss of the development of smartphones Pixel. It is necessary to ensure that Android Q work on these new formats.

The head, which ensures that Google has no product announcement foldable to do for the moment, the view that there is still no “use-case clear “now for these technologies, something that would say” Hey, I absolutely need this device “.

I think [these devices] need to be more innovative “than simply offer larger screens,” he adds. “Currently, you do not need a device foldable. It is simply something nice to have “. Except that it does not yet exist on the market, the Galaxy Fold having been postponed to the Greek calends.