Google I/O 2019 : 7 announcements to be learned from the conference

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Even if it is not yet known the name of the next update of Google, Android Q was obviously the agenda of this conference, I/O. The dark mode, very in vogue at the moment will be available via the new operating system. In addition to adapt to the new smartphones foldable, Android Q also promises to honour the privacy of its users, a hot topic at the moment.

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This is not a new Nest belongs to the firm of Mountain View since a good time already. Logical, therefore, that Google takes advantage of its conference I/O in order to formalize the merger of the connected cameras of the mark with the Google Home Hub. Designed as a tool to centralize all the features of a connected home, Google’s Nest will be available in the course of the summer, and will incorporate not only a smart camera, but also speakers, and a screen able to manage all connected objects in the vicinity.

Designed to assist in video viewing and phone calls from people suffering hearing problems or speech, Live tools, Caption and Live Relay are without doubt the two good surprises announced by Google yesterday. While Live Caption allows you a transcript in real time from any audio file, Live Relay, this is expected to enable people with problems of hearing or speech make phone calls more easily.

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Always ready to prove his / her interest for the private life of its users, Google also announced yesterday that the firm would continue its efforts, and that it would now be possible to pass in private browsing on Google Maps. A new feature is available both on the web and on the application.

Announced last year, the feature Google Duplex promised to make calls to our place with one voice artificial. Now, the tool promises to go even further, by launching a Duplex on the Web, a declination web to automatically fill in forms for bookings. For the moment only available in a few american states, a Duplex on the Web thus promises to facilitate the hire car online, or booking a table at a restaurant for example.

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Big announcement of the conference I/O, Google announced yesterday the commercialization of its new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, a cameraphone with affordable price (from 399 €), for a technical data sheet rather tempting. Available today on the merchants ‘ websites, our comprehensive test of the smartphone is available right here.

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The next version of the voice assistant of Google has also made his presentation yesterday, and must admit that the promises of the firm of Mountain View are rather enticing about that. With a new operation off-line, allowing the service to be up to 10 times faster than before, the Wizard will now run without a connection, at least up to a certain point. Other novelty, it will not be necessary to start the interactions with the AI by “Ok Google”. The latter will indeed be able to recognize more easily when you address it, particularly in the context of a “discussion” with several applications. Google also promises a better understanding of complex applications in the future.