Google is going to stop the program “Works with Nest” and the compatibility of IFTTT

As of August 31, Google will close its service “Works With Nest” that allows interaction between devices in home automation Nest and services and third party materials. He will be replaced by “Works with Google” galaxy and its controls to the wizard and connected devices.

This decision is part of a resetting deepest of the activity Is within Google, and an emphasis on the confidentiality of the data.

A year ago, the Nest had been reinstated in the division hardware Google, now household products of the group will be stamped “Google Nest”.

As of this summer, another unification is going to start, the user account Is able to be migrated to a Google account standard. There will be no obligation to do so, but over time, improvements — out of security updates — will only be available to Google account holders (detailed FAQ). Term it is clear that it will be necessary to migrate or move on to something else.

Among these advantages to move from one account to another, Google cites various measures already exist to secure access to his account (two factor authentication), and monitor the activity. Google will also better inform users about the various sensors installed in its products domestic, on the data they collect and what they can do once they are saved.

The same desire for transparency with regard to advertising, with options to reject raises marketing or reduce the scope of the collection of data from the use of these devices. We need to look to the routines of Google Assistant and tap into the many controls existing.

It is also within this framework that fits the abandonment of the program “Work with Nest”. Google explains that this is to limit the volume of data transmitted to the outside. Therefore, a service like IFTT used to automate actions that are contextual with its thermostat or its camera will no longer work with the products Nest.

Same for the do-it-yourselfers who had created a developer account “Works with Nest” to use the API Is with Homebridge. It was a back-door method of adding a compatibility with HomeKit as Nest has never wanted to adopt. These APIS disappearing on August 31, the hack HomeKit will cease to function at the same time.