Google teaches children to read by analyzing their pronunciation

Source : @Google

And if, in 15 years, some said they have learned to read thanks to Google ? We are not there yet, but the firm of Mountain View has sown the seeds of this future with Rivet, an application for learning to read to the children.

To facilitate the learning of reading, Rivet offers more than 2000 references of free books. The child will no longer have to take in order to learn at their own pace. But the most interesting is the built-in wizard to the application. Thus, the child will only have to click on a word to the AI of Google indicates its definition and how to pronounce it correctly.

But most importantly, when the app hears the child read aloud, the wizard offers visual clues to make progress, and show a button when a word is pronounced incorrectly. By clicking on it, the children can then try to arrive at the correct pronunciation. It is only by arriving at the correct pronunciation that the child will be able to go to the next page, which offers a playful dimension to the reading, while allowing the cherub to progress.

The application proposes for the time being almost 25 languages, but there is no doubt that if the experiment is successful, Google will add new.

If many applications of audio books for children already exist, the app Google is distinguished by the fact that she learns really reading. It should also be noted that it is in compliance with the COPPA, a u.s. law designed to protect the privacy of children on the Internet.

Google Rivet is free. On the other hand, Android applications and iOS are not yet available in France.