Google wants to speed up the security updates of Android with the project Mainline

The original sin of Android, it is not to have been thought to be updated on all devices at the same time, as can be iOS. Users of Android — devices other than those from Google, are at the mercy of the manufacturers and/or operators, who decide to open the faucet to the updates at their convenience. It is this which in part explains the great fragmentation of the platform.

Image The Verge

Google provides every year a big update to Android, the one that contains new features such as the mode’s dark future Android Q. And every month, the search engine makes available a security update to plug the holes. These patches are often distributed by manufacturers, but not quickly enough or to enough devices, says Google.

It is the purpose of the project Mainline, a new initiative from the search engine, which aims to provide security updates more quickly to more users. Google has identified 14 modules of the operating system can receive updates via the infrastructure of the Play Store, which allows you to bypass the inertia of the manufacturers. It is in their majority of the components related to the security of the system, they are also indispensable and invisible in the eyes of the users.

Nine months after its launch, Android 9.0 Walk-in is now installed on 10.4% of Android devices in circulation. @Android Police.

All of this is fine and good, particularly as it will not be necessary to restart the smartphone to install these updates distributed over the air. Unfortunately, the check boxes to benefit from this initiative are many and cumbersome : only devices provided with Android Q will enjoy, not those that have been updated to the new version of Android. And even then, manufacturers will have the option of not supporting the project Mainline…