Google will multiply the spaces of pubs in its apps

Advertising, it is what allows Google to make (a lot) of butter in his spinach : last year, the sale of advertising space reported 116 billion to the subsidiary, the more lucrative of the Alphabet. But to continue to raise, Google must create new locations for the banners of the advertisers ; in the last quarter, sales have slowed, while Amazon and Facebook are capturing more and more of a budget pub.

During a conference Marketing Live, which took place yesterday, Google has unveiled several initiatives to boost the revenues of the advertisement. The home page of the mobile application from Google, called Discover, will start to integrate banner ads. This service, which last September was viewed by 800 million users each month, is a news feed custom in which commercials can be inserted quite easily.

Gmail, Google Images, Google Assistant, Google Maps and YouTube will also be made more contribution. Advertisements have also begun to make their appearance in the mapping service (read : Google Maps, the new machine cash Google). As far as YouTube, the idea is to facilitate the purchase of products during video playback ; Google will share the proceeds from the sale with the youtubeur.

Ads more or less discrete in Google Maps.

Google Shopping will also be the subject of a ripolinage : the web site will show personalized suggestions as well as a shopping cart. A stand-alone application will be same day in order to better compete with Amazon.