Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 : we reserve the film ?

If in July of last year, Disney announced that the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 pass from James Gunn behind the camera, the back angel of the director-stimulus theories on the volume 3 of the adventures of Rocket, Quill, and their band. The director dismissed following a controversy over tweets is 10 years old, had obtained the support of the fans and his team. Last march, the firm with the big ears comes back on his decision and announces that he will perform well in the feature-length film.

The scandal will result in a lost of time to the production which has had to postpone the shooting. According to Comicbook, it will be held in February 2021 under the code name “Hot Christmas”. It’s a safe bet that Disney would have preferred to start the production earlier, but the commitments of Gunn in DC with Suicide Squad 2 have slowed down the project.

Gamora disappeared

Endgame has brought back all our heroes to life, but one is missing. Sacrificed by her father Thanos, warrior green however had pointed the tip of his nose after a trip back in time. If what happens to Gamora is obscure to the spectators, it is also for filmmakers. Interviewed by Business Insider, the brothers Russo explained , “We do not know if she leaves in the dust or if she survived. This is probably a question to which the Guardians 3 will answer. I am sure of it.” If Quill seems to be in search of his beloved, he has no idea where she is and if she is still alive, according to Anthony Russo.

Rocket lovers, and Drax finds his family

The anonymous Roger Wardell, well known among fans of the Marvel universe to relay serious leaks on the film franchise, reveals new details about the plot of the film. “The creator of Rocket is the master of evolution. Drax will have the surprise to discover that his daughter is alive. Rocket develops feelings of love for Lylla. Nebula and Star Lord become friends.” The Nostradamus of the MCU had already predicted many events of the MCU, including the cameo of Stan Lee, the rewrite of the scene of the elevator in Endgame and the first death of Thanos. This tweet is so meaningful because it introduces several new characters in the universe of the Guardians. Lylla would be his entry into the team of heroes. Before Groot, this otter was the teammate of our raccoon favorite. It would seem that Dragon Moon is also part of the experience, the daughter of Drax is particularly known for her telepathic powers. The information is to be taken with a grain of salt, but announced a volume 3 is rich in surprise.

Thor and the Asgardiens of the Galaxy

The filmmakers have made a nod to the comics, but could announce the sequel of the adventures of Thor. The brothers Russo on the mic with Josh Horowitz gave their commitment to conclude the adventure, started 11 years earlier. “We are so focused on this film, this is the first time that one does not think of the future”. The directors entrust not to have read the script by James Gunn. No confirmation of his presence, but Marvel might want to explore this option. If the contract of Chris Hemsworth had to end with Endgame, there is nothing to preclude the possibility of a return in the MCU for the god of thunder.

It’ll have to be patient, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 still has no release date, it could land on our screens in 2022, as Disney announces 3 films this year.