Guillaume Canet : “My son does not want to see any of our films,”

In his new production, We will end up together, a result of the Small Handkerchiefs, Guillaume Canet makes us rediscover his band of buddies in the Cap-Ferret and directs once again her actress fetish : Marion Cotillard. His dear companion and mother of his children is a no-brainer in front of his camera, and he does not hide his happiness to work as a family. But, like Charlotte Gainsbourg , who has filmed his children for his videos and imagine all the actors, the director and actor would it be and direct his offspring, Marcel (soon to be 8 years old) and Louise, 2 years old, in a feature film ? It answers the question for Paris Match.

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They will do what they want to do. I’m never going to ask them – or impose them – to turn in one of my films. I especially want to protect : it’s not easy being the child of two well-known people. The preservation of our secret garden is important. Okay, that said, our son, it didn’t heat up at all to have parents actors ! For the moment, he does not want to see any of our films, “says Guillaume Canet at the magazine Paris Match.

In We will end up together, in theaters may 1, 2019, the friends of Max (François Cluzet) landed in her beautiful holiday home, three years after being seen for the last time. Max then sinks into a comedy of happiness that rings false and that will put the group in situations to say the least, unexpected. The kids have grown up, others are born, the parents no longer have the same priorities… the separations, and The accidents of life… When all decide not to make small handkerchiefs on the big fibs, what else is there friendship ?

Read the full interview in the magazine Paris Match on may 2, 2019