Guy Carlier, 125 kilos lighter : “I saw myself as a monster”

There are still a few years, Guy Carlier weighed 251 pounds. Today, he weighs 125, which is half of its weight. He tells Tv Star this bulimia that has marred the lives but also the reasons of her weight loss is spectacular. “I made a path to psychological and surgical : a bypass, a sleeve, and cosmetic operations are necessary. When one loses this much weight, there was a lot of skin hanging. I was put of knees in titanium because I had more of cartilage”, teaches there.

Guy Carlier says of his transformation in his latest book, Less than 125 (Cherche Midi), where he explains that it is the nutritionist star Jean-Michel Cohen , who has assisted in his weight loss. “I saw myself as a monster. I had the impression of being a twisted. I was in the lie, the loneliness, the guilt and the shame. I have also written this book for all those who suffer from bulimia, “says the father of Carlito.

Spaghetti with oil

The man, 69-year-old also recounted a scene particularly humiliating. He was about to gobble up a pound of pasta to the olive oil when the chair of his office was let go under his weight. Guy Carlier, which was not able to get up, lying on the ground when his girlfriend found it. “When my girlfriend of the time came home and found me on the floor covered in spaghetti without that I may meet… It was the humiliation too much for her. For me, it was the trigger for that I phone Jean-Michel Cohen. He made me lock up for nine months in a clinic where they treat addictions. He saved my life, “says the chronicler.

When it was 251 pounds, Guy Carlier said that it was supposed to go “in the studio of France Inter by the monte-load of musical instruments“. A life particularly difficult, especially for his sons Stéphane and Raphaël, the youtubeur. “When I took in a football game, I stayed in the car. I couldn’t walk…“, he said. The time and memories lost with her companions, him who had “nomore sexual life“. Today, Guy Carlier is a man changed : “I finally have a man’s life. I am in the total well-being with a woman, I take advantage of my last son, Antoine, 12 years old. With 125 kg less, I’m in a renaissance. Each day is a blessing.”

Find the interview of Guy Carlier in full in the latest issue of Tv Star.