Guy Carlier : These about grossophobes of Gérard Louvin, who have “destroyed”

Guy Carlier is a man changed. There are still a few years, the columnist weighed in at 251 pounds. Today, he has managed to lose 125 pounds, which was half of its weight, thanks to the help of Jean-Michel Cohen. When he was in serious overweight, Guy Carlier has been the victim of the worst humiliations. Found by his wife lying on the ground covered in spaghetti without it being able to get up, obliged to go to the studio of France Inter by the monte-charge of the instruments of music… The man of letters has not had an easy life.

He also had to face the words hurt some people, including Gérard Louvin. “I was preserved, strangely enough, the people did not dare while I was going strong on the physical, “explained Guy Carlier at the time of its passage in C à vous (France 5), may 17, 2019. At the time, Gérard Louvin was the producer of the Star Academy and the columnist had strongly criticized the program, accusing them of put in before the disease of Grégory Lemarchal. “I had considered that the production of the time played a bit of the trick, was soliciting me, I explained with her mother since, “he continued. A dispute that had prompted Gerard Louvin to tell that Guy Carlier had “no place on the radio, but in a hut fair“, given his build.

Of about grossophobes that have caused so much pain. “This man has done me an evil madman. Maybe I was unfair, and that it was not appealing with Gregory Lemarchal, it was enough that he calls me, he tells me the trick. But this sentence, he pronounced it and it has destroyed me, you cannot know. Because, as you said, I was in denial. At the limit, it was people like me that I was going to see in Argenteuil in barracks what, “he replied to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Now cured of his bulimia, Guy Carlier focuses his life around his new companion and his son, Antoine (12 years old).