Here is the first whisky that is generated by an artificial intelligence

Credits Microsoft / Mackmyra

You can’t stop progress. In Sweden, the distillery Mackmyra, known for its ageing bold and the positioning of its eco-responsible, has just launched the first whisky in the world developed by an artificial intelligence. Developed in partnership with Microsoft and the Finnish company Fourkind, this single malt new generation will need several years of work, based on the recipes already existing in the house Mackmyra, but also the sales figures of the distillery, as well as the preferences expressed by its customers. Thanks to all these data, the artificial intelligence was able to accurately determine a few of the“70 million in revenue”, as well as their popularity ratings alleged.

“In an industry synonymous with tradition deep, human expertise and know-how, what happens when ancient techniques meet technologies of the 21st century ? (…) We want that the AI generates good enough to win a prize. We want to experiment with recipes that no one has ever tasted” – Microsoft

Marketed in the fall of 2019, this whisky generated by AI Mackmyra is already quiver with anguish the purists of the genre. Don’t worry, the AI is not the only one to have the hand on the recipe in question. In a long ticket of explanations published on his blog, Microsoft explains that if the artificial intelligence imagine the assemblies, it is the human who retains the last word on the recipe, with the intervention of a master assembler at all stages of the manufacturing process. Put into a barrel in 2010, the vintage single malt whisky Special 05 could, if successful, pave the way for more creations generated by IA. You spoke recently of Endel, this algorithm which has recently signed 20 music albums at Warner, the company Fourkind, at the origin of the artificial intelligence used by Mackmyra hope to soon expand his business to generate “recipes for sweets, perfumes, soft drinks”.