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Home Flash [1,09€] is a small simple application whose object is quite basic: to make blink HomeKit bulbs of the House. Just touch the icon of a connected bulb, all of which are listed in the app, and the app will flash for a few seconds. So great! But what's the point?

Developer Matthew Corey designed this app with one idea in mind: to warn family members (usually the most annoying little ones), to come to the table. What better way than to sparkle the light in their room? It's not that stupid. The app allows to create Siri Shortcuts for each light bulb, and there is even a companion for Apple Watch.

If you want to flash your bulbs without paying a penny, and if you are equipped with Philips products, you can use the hue application: go to Settings > light Configuration and then touch the bulb you want. Home Flash has the advantage of supporting all HomeKit bulbs on the market, as well as sockets connected to lamps, configured as lights.