Huawei deprived of all its us suppliers

The trade war between the United States and China takes on a new magnitude. Following a decree signed by Donald Trump, Google, Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom, among others, have stopped providing Huawei software and components, reports Bloomberg.

Image Huawei

At present, Huawei can no longer order processors or modems in its major suppliers. According to a source from Bloomberg, the chinese manufacturer has anticipated this escalation in constituting a stock of essential components, allowing it to hold for at least three months.

The administration Trump justifies the boycott, accusing Huawei of industrial and economic espionage. This measure could have significant repercussions for suppliers in the u.s., Huawei is the number 2 in the world of smartphones, as well as the deployment of the 5G.

On the map software, Google said on Twitter that its services, such as shop apps Google Play and Google Play Protect, will continue to work on existing terminals. On the other hand, new devices Huawei will have to settle for the open source version of Android expurgated of all the Google services.

Feeling the wind turned, the chinese giant has prepared its own operating system, has provided , in march, the officer, Richard Yu. ” If we couldn’t use [Android or Windows], we’d be ready with a plan B,”he said. This is the time to use it.