Huawei is working on a tv 8K and 5G to the end of the year

The television market is very competitive, even if the top of the range is dominated by only a few marks. Despite its overwhelming success in the field of smartphone, Huawei eyeing for a little time on this last. While the 4K is more popular rather quickly in the homes, the first models of 8K are already starting to be presented. This is particularly the case with Samsung, Sharp or Sony (and his impressive slab of 98 inches !).

The financial daily japanese Nikkei has reported that Huawei would work actively on a TV 8K-compatible with the 5G, and that its launch was scheduled for the end of the year. The chinese company might as well take advantage of its network expertise to make a big splash on this sector. According to the information of the newspaper, the LCD panel would be provided by the chinese manufacturer BOE (belonging to the group TCL) and incorporate a SoC house, created by the company’s HiSilicon Technologies. The latter would be equipped with a modem 5G to stream content up to 8K without the need of a box or a fixed internet connection. Eventually, the tv could even be used as a router for other objects connected to the house, confirming once again the will to make it a hub for multimedia entertainment.

Given that the 5G has not yet been deployed in France (his arrival is scheduled for 2020), this type of device does not really make sense today. The same goes for the content in 8K, which will take time to arrive massively in our homes. But the acceleration of the deployment of 5G will necessarily reduce our adaptation to these new definitions. Huawei will focus on the chinese market first, but should expand its horizon if the concept appeals to consumers.