Hugo Lloris soon dad : his wife Navy unveils her round belly in a swimsuit

2019 is already announced as a very good year for Hugo Lloris, regardless of whether he wins or not, the final of the Champions League which is played on 1st June at Warando Stadium in Madrid. The goalkeeper, 32-year old frenchman will face Liverpool with his club, Tottenham. Regardless of the outcome of this great match, the champion of the world will know in a few months, a new happiness, to expand their family with a third child.

If his wife Marine Lloris had previously shown quite discreet about her pregnancy, which she made official last may 12 on the lawn of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the more time passes, the more it agrees to deliver. The proof is in the pictures these last days.

In effect, the business woman, creator of the brand of clothing for children top of the range Ride in sugar, has exhibited her round belly as she had never done. Currently on vacation on the Côte d’azur, the region of origin, Marine Lloris was first unveiled in swimsuit one-piece at the edge of the pool. On may 29, the wife of Hugo Lloris went even a little further by exposing her baby bump is not covered. The photo, taken in front of a mirror has been realized during a sport session. During this new pregnancy, the mom-to-be takes care of herself and her body through, smooth, daily efforts.