If the Galaxy Fold does not come out by the end of may, Samsung cancels the pre-orders

The Galaxy Fold in ends up not not getting. Samsung has pushed in extremis the launch of its first device foldable because of last-minute technical problems (which made it to iFixit to remove disassembly). The builder had in the wake promised a new date ” in the coming weeks “. Since this announcement, which dates back to the 22nd of April, more news from the group.

After the removal of what seemed to be a protection film (while he was a part of the screen), the Galaxy Fold Mark Gurman started to feel bad.

Or rather, a bad news for all those who had preordered the device in the United States. Reuters explained that Samsung could not confirm the date of delivery of the terminal. If these early adopters do not give sign of life and that the Galaxy Fold is not delivered by may 31, the order will be automatically cancelled.

The e-mail sent by Samsung. If the client does not indicate whether he wishes to retain his command, and that the Galaxy Fold is not sent by 31 may, the order will be cancelled. Image TizenHelp.

This does not necessarily mean that Samsung will not launch its device and foldable by then : the e-mail sent by the manufacturer is a legal obligation. Samsung was expected to notify its clients that the pre-orders will be cancelled if they are not paid by the end of the month. In spite of everything, this is an episode more for a product whose launch is a real obstacle course.