Iliad : Free Mobile attributes to the best performance without the roaming

The performance of the mobile network of Free, may exceed those of its competitors… as long as the subscribers connect to it fully, this is what wanted to demonstrate Iliad through a table integrated in the presentation of its latest financial results (see also The mea-culpa of Xavier Niel : “We made mistakes “).

The study’s semi-annual Arcep, published in October 2018, ranked invariably Free Mobile to fourth place when testing downloads/sending data and streaming video.

Except that by directly connecting to the Free network Mobile, rather than through the bottleneck that is now roaming with Orange, Free subscribers can resume the first place, ensures the Iliad.

The success rate for a reception HD video streaming and perfect quality climb from 64.3 % to 86 % ; for the reception of 10 Mb in less than a minute it goes from 66% to 89% and for the shipment of 2 Mb it is 87% instead of 70.9%. In all three cases, Free Mobile passes a head in front of the Orange.

It is still necessary to connect the antennas Free Mobile, not to mention being in an area properly covered. If geographically it is in the right place, there’s a way to force the hand on the phone with an app recently appeared on the App Store (read FMobile disables roaming with Orange for the Free subscribers Mobile).

Other information slipped by Xavier Niel this time, the manner of the Iliad to address the market for 5G. It is not yet to know the pricing formulas that have in mind the operators — they are waiting for the spectrum auction planned for this fall — but the Company wants to play the card of quality/price.

Niel says that its mobile network, jeunesse oblige, is the most modern — it is “perfect ” and that he will be able to reconcile performance and more attractive prices than the competition.

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It takes as its model what it is already doing with the fiber, where Free is a few euros behind Orange while the ahead on some of the test results (read nPerf 2018 : Orange has been the best in the fixed-and Free-stands out on the fiber). To the point, he said, that 40% of its new customers on this type of connection have been taken at the competition.