In Helsinki, the drones Wing will deliver food

The Finnish capital has given its green light to a program of delivery by drones operated by Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google it). In the coming weeks, a full-scale test will be launched in Vuosaari, the district is the most densely populated Helsinki has the distinction of being bordered on three sides by water. An ideal place to experiment with first deliveries safely.

The popcorn in the air

The first two partners of Wing in this adventure are Herkku Food Market, a chain of supermarkets, as well as the café Monami. Customers will be able to order lasagna, caesar salad, and even the popcorn : they will be delivered in ten minutes by the air, with a drone Wing.

This program of delivery by drones to complete the project in Helsinki to get rid of cars by 2025. To achieve this, the city will create a public transport system very affordable and reliable, to such a point that it will not be necessary to take his car.

In this context, the drones can be particularly useful to reduce or even completely eliminate the automotive service and delivery. Finland requires, the weather conditions can be quite difficult, that is why Wing conducted a first test at Teisko in the north of Helsinki. Everything went well !