In the underground of San Francisco, the guardian angels of the AirPods fallen on the tracks

In spite of appearances, the AirPods are rather well in the ears, for the majority of users at least. Unfortunately, it often happens that a listener will do the trunk and usually, it is at the wrong place, that is to say, on the way to the metro station ! This happens frequently in the network of trains in the BART, the operator of San Francisco and the surrounding area.

Since the beginning of the year, the BART has recorded 52 reports of loss of AirPods, there are strong chances that the score of last year (80 reports) can be beaten in 2019. And this represents only the tip of the iceberg : it often happens that the unfortunate travellers are asking directly to a station agent if there is a way to retrieve the earpiece fell between the rails. Of course, it is forbidden to leave on the track.

Once notified, the agent may attempt to recover the AirPod fell to the sea on the way with a pole equipped with a clamp (above). This tool is used primarily for the recovery of the headphones lost, but of course it can also be used for hand over hand on other objects.

The BART is in any case to listen to its users, who call out frequently, the operator directly on Twitter. The officers then attempted to locate the small piece of white plastic on the way and to announce the good (or bad) to the new owner as soon as it is recovered.