Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus of Norway, teen accomplices in the fatigue

While his sister princess Märtha-Louise came to blow up from Los Angeles a bomb in the media in revealing who is passionate about her love story with a shaman, Durek, crown prince Haakon of Norway, Oslo, celebrated Friday 17 may 2019 the national holiday in the purest tradition.

On this occasion, the day of the prince and his family began very early in the morning, as came to remind you, this year again, the difficulties to stay awake the prince Sverre Magnus, who had the eyes were itchy. He’s now a sturdy lad of 13 years, some things don’t change : the son of Haakon and his wife princess Mette-Marit has often struggled to repress his yawns and hide, since he participates in the official celebrations, the alarm clock in the morning was not his strong point !

Dressed in traditional costumes (except Sverre Magnus, in a suit and tie to be more formal), prince Haakon, the princess Mette-Marit, princess Ingrid Alexandra and prince Sverre Magnus were advanced as early as 8 o’clock in the morning on the steps of Skaugum, their home a few kilometres south-west of the capital, to observe the ritual procession of schoolchildren on their 31, are adorned with ribbons of red, white and blue and waving the national flag, whose three colors, on this day that celebrates the Constitution. Princess Ingrid Alexandra, intended to accede to the throne after his father, shared his attention between the show lively and… Milly Kakao and Muffin Kråkebolle, the two labradoodle family – his “best friends“, like princess Mette-Marit stressed by sharing in January last of the photos speak for themselves for the 15th anniversary of his daughter. At one point, one of the two dogs took fear and took refuge in her petticoats, and was soon reassured for a few caresses.

The couple’s heir is as often left to observe its complicity and tenderness, so that he is heading to his 18th wedding anniversary, the 25th August next. A solid love on which Haakon and Mette Marit can rely to face the vagaries of life : so that the princess suffers from pulmonary fibrosis chronic, which represents a threat to its ability to meet its formal commitments, the prince will for its part have to be réopérer at the beginning of the summer to an exostosis (bone growth in the internal auditory canal) in the other ear than that which had earned him a first response to the 4 march last.

Has the Asker, the municipality where the domain of Skaugum, this cheerful parade takes place earlier than in Oslo, so as to allow the princely family to go there then and do not miss one of the capital city. Just the time to change to clothes that are more classic and the quartet joined king Harald V and queen Sonja for a second session, from the balcony of the royal palace. The sunglasses were de rigueur, and, this time, it is Ingrid Alexandra who showed a bit of fatigue, resting his shoulder on his little brother.

But with tens of thousands of compatriots celebrating loudly the national Festival below, she would not let herself go to sleep !