Ingrid Chauvin devastated : his adoption file is blocked

Married to Thierry Peythieu since 2011, Ingrid Chauvin has suffered dark periods with her husband. In 2013, she gave birth to her first child Jade. But while everything seems to be going well for this new family, the little girl died suddenly 5 months later. Ingrid Chauvin is devastated and decides to initiate procedures to adopt a child.

Against all expectations, the young woman falls pregnant again. All adoption procedures are then immediately blocked. She gave birth to a little boy, Tom, in June 2016. So far, Ingrid Chauvin continues his fight and tries by all means to have recourse to adoption. She confides in The Sunday paper and tells the true course of the combatant : “I want to lift the veil on a project of the heart, of course beautiful, but treacherous.”

Visits to nurseries, medical appointments, interviews with psychologists,… It then becomes aware of the dramatic situation in France. “They are 200 000 and shunted from foster families in homes. It destabilizes beings already weakened (…) there are sexual abuse, suicide.”

Desperate at the idea that his or her efforts come to nothing, she explains : “I am less optimistic, everything is so complicated !” His age makes him indeed default, because “when one reaches 45 years old, the field narrows”.

Monday 10th of June next, at 2310, Ingrid Chauvin will be at the heart of a documentary exclusive on TF1 in Our fight to adopt.