Ingrid Chauvin : Why his son will never be in Tomorrow belongs to us

Since she joined the cast of the series Tomorrow belongs to us, on TF1, the popular actress Ingrid Chauvin has found a pace of life ideal. The star has put his bags in Sète, in the South of France, with his small family. If his son Tom comes often to see her on the set, there’s no question that it appears on the screen…

Interviewed by Tele Pocket, Ingrid Chauvin explained that she did not want to put Tom in front of a camera. “It is already quite disturbing to him when I approach me in the street for a photo. I explained to him that what he saw on tv, the others saw also, and since, when someone approaches us, he said to him : ‘You want a photo to remember ?’“, she narrated. The sympathetic actress of 45 years wants to avoid the most possible to disturb his son, but, as a proud mom, she may not, however, help but share the beautiful moments that she spent with him on Instagram to the delight of his fans.

While Tom, born of his marriage with the film director Thierry Peythieu, will celebrate its 3 years old in June next, Ingrid Chauvin , has still not register to the school, as she had already confided a few months ago at micro “He has the chance to have a nanny full-time, he sees other children, so he has no problem socializing. It is already starting to learn to read, he knows the colors… It will have all the time to go to school“, she added.

Ingrid Chauvin will soon be his fans in the occasion of a first prime time around Tomorrow belongs to us. In the wake of the double episode, we can see the actress in a documentary about the fight that she led for several years to adopt a child. Indeed, between the death of his little Jade and the birth of Tom, the star had initiated steps to adopt , but in November next, she is going to lose its accreditation…

Thomas Montet

The interview Ingrid Chauvin is back in Tele Pocket, on newsstands November 20, 2019.