Instagram lets leak the private data of millions of influencers

Credits Geralt via Pixabay CC

The leak is of size, and it affects more than 49 million influencers (accounts with at least 15,000 subscribers) on Instagram. Personal data, phone numbers, address, mail, photos, or even private messages… It is a computer security expert by the name of’Anurag Sen , who has presumably discovered the flaw, before passing it to the English website Techcrunch. After some research, it turned out that the non-secure database, on which appeared the personal data of these users belonged to the marketing company Chrbox, specializing in social media and the management of the profiles influencers and is based in Mumbai, India. In addition to the list of sensitive content, the latter was not protected by any encryption or password to secure it.

Quickly placed off-line by the company, this set of data remains a problem for Instagram, which currently seems to be unable to explain why and how those millions of sensitive data were found on servers that are not secure. For its part, Chrbox does not wish to speak on the subject. The only alternative for the social network owned by Facebook, consider the problem “to understand if the described data, which include email addresses and phone numbers, are coming to Instagram or other sources”. In all cases, and even if it seems obvious that the leak actually came from the company Chrbox, this still doesn’t explain how the indian firm has been able to obtain all these datayears that the social network is not directly involved. A new leak for Instagram, which is reminiscent of the one that was already made about it last April, when several million passwords had been stored unencrypted on a server that is not secure.