Intel deploys all his imagination in a funny PC laptop dual screen

The laptops have-they need to have two screens ? If you believe Asus, HP or even Apple, yes. But until now, no one has made the brilliant demonstration of the advantage of this second screen.

The stumbling block is the ergonomics. To use the second touch screen, you must exit the main screen of the eyes. Depending on the task being performed, it may be faster to use a keyboard shortcut to traditional, or even the trackpad, just. Intel has taken the problem head-on-body, and has delivered a laptop that unfolds twice.

Images The Verge

Honeycomb Glacier, it is the name of the prototype, has a first hinge classic to open the main screen. Its originality lies in the second hinge located between the secondary display and the keyboard. Thus, we can unfold to a certain extent the second screen, so having it more easily in its field of view — mechanically, the main screen will be found raised.

Intel has designed this funny machine with the players in mind. The secondary screen can accommodate, for example, an e-mail during a game session. An eye-tracking technology reinforces this aspect by automatically putting the focus on the chat window when you look at the second screen.

The technical data corresponds to that of a gamer laptop : main screen 1080p 15.6“, processor 8 cores 45 W and GeForce graphics card 1060. Surely to accommodate the second screen of 12.3” (1920 x 720), the CPU and GPU have been overclocked.

As always with prototypes of Intel, nothing says that the Honeycomb Glacier lies a day. In the best case, this PC deployable push may be the manufacturers — Apple included — to think about the ergonomics of their machines with double screen.