iOS 12.3 accelerates Apple Pay in some public transport

The final version of iOS 12.3 is available since yesterday evening offers a new option in the settings dedicated to Apple Pay. In the app Settings, and the section Wallet, you will find an option “Map express transport” which had not existed until then. In the opening, you will see all the payment cards Apple Pay saved and you will be able to select one.

The idea of this new feature is to simplify the payment of a ticket in the public transport. The payment will be made as soon as the iPhone or Apple Watch is positioned near the drive of the transport used, without your intervention. You will no longer need to confirm the payment with Touch ID or Face ID, but you will not even need to enable Apple Pay in advance, by double-tapping the home button or side button.

This will be a time saver in itself, but also a big security risk. It is probably for this reason that Apple has severely limited this use : the map of express transport currently works only in Japan, everywhere, where the card Suica is accepted, in Beijing and Shanghai in China, as well as Portland in the United States. Other cities, such as London, already accept the payment by Apple Pay, but still not the express mode.

In addition to the payment card classics, this new function also accepts some cards compatible transport Apple Pay. Furthermore, let us recall that the iPhone of 2018 have in addition to a energy reserve that allows them to operate in the public transport, even if the battery is empty.

Apple Pay still, but this time relating to the virtual stores of Apple and a priori, not France. Some users may use a payment card stored in Apple Pay to pay for on the App Store, the iTunes Store and other online store. As strange as it may seem, this was not the case before and after our tests, this is not always the case for the French accounts.

Payment cards for Apple Pay in the settings of an Apple account australian.

To check if you have this new option, open App Store, tap your avatar in the top right, and then your user name at the top, the line “Manage payments” and finally ” Add payment method “. Cards Apple Pay will be displayed directly if they are available, otherwise you will find a form classic to add a card to the hand.