iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android : the rates of recovery for the used equipment

How can we hope to get an iPhone, an Android smartphone, an iPad or an Apple Watch through the trade-in program from Apple ?

There are two ways to proceed with the “trade-in” of Apple. Either you are considering the purchase of a new device in exchange for the old one, and will pay for the new a little less expensive (read Apple makes the recovery of a used device at the heart of the purchase of a new product, & Apple has lowered the amounts of recovery against the purchase of a new iPhone).

Either one wants to pull a little money of a previous model which will result in a bank transfer. What are these proposals that you’ll find below. They are from an internal document to the Apple Store, it’s valid until the 30th of June. These amounts are established by Brightstar, the partner of Apple who take care of recover these used devices and manage their recycling.

The previous version of these grids date of last fall, you could see that some of the amounts of recovery have declined while others have increased significantly.

Logically, Apple takes better a device against the purchase of a new one, that Brightstar with a simple resumption. Brightstar offers 70 € for an iPhone 6s 64 Gb, in good condition, while Apple give you 126 € if you buy him an iPhone XR.

These grids will give you a quick overview. To make an assessment in good and due form go to this page.

iPhone in good condition

The amounts for the iPhone X and 8 were down a few euros (ex : 426 € for a X of 64 Gb instead of 445 €). However, on the iPhone 6 up to 7 More, it is general increase, sometimes up to $ 50 best. An iPhone 6 Plus 128 Gb was taken over 95 € 6 months ago, compared to 146 € now.

Note to the attention of our belgian readers : the amounts for the iPhone 6 in X are about 5 € higher for you.

For iPhone 5, 5c and 5s, no change, it is always and uniformly 25 €, regardless of the storage capacity. Finally, the XS and XR are not yet entered in the takeover offer, it certainly will be for the next edition.

iPhone damaged

Ability to turn on, screen, buttons, bumper on the case, signs of contact with the water… these factors can reduce the amount of recovery or cancel.

In the previous document, the list would stop with the iPhone 7, this time it was also the 6s and 6. Another observation, the iPhone 7 damaged were taken over 20 €, now it is 90 €. While the iPhone 7 Plus, worth 40 €, Brightstar gives now 105 €.

Android Smartphones

Brightstar is not closed to the idea of resuming an Android smartphone and give a little bit of money in return. The given selection in the document is not exhaustive, it is necessary to go to the site of the buyer. Here it is limited to five brands — Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, BlackBerry — and models are identical to those of the fall.

There is a nice discount on the Galaxy Note 4 and wonder if this was not a mistake the previous time : he goes from 365 € to 35 €. The Pixel 2 and 2 XL lose 55 € and 95 €. There is also little increases : the S8 More climbs of 195 € to 205 € and the Huawei P20 of 175 € to 180 €.

iPad in good condition

The iPad Pro 2018 are still too fresh to be included in this table but the Pro’s of 2017 and the iPad 6 have been added. Difference with the iPhone, only the iPad which is light and which are in a relative good condition are accepted. No rating for a damaged model.

All amounts have been decreased (and, more rarely, they have remained stable). A few examples : a iPad Pro with 12.9″ is jostled by his successor in 2017 : instead of € 230 (Wi-Fi) last fall, it is picked up currently 214 €. The iPad 5 has lost between 36 € (Wi-Fi) and € 55 (4G).

Apple Watch in good condition

For watches, Brightstar can make an offer on the Series 3, 2, 1 as well as the first generation. Absent are the gold models (which are separate… ?) and the editions in box ceramic.

Be aware that the induction charger is sold with the watch still in your possession. It is always good to have more than not enough, while the Apple Watch still won’t work with media Iq.

Compared to the fall, all amounts have melted, 20 to 50 €. Example : a Series 3 aluminium 42 mm (GPS) was worth 130 €, now it is 93 €.

These scales can serve as a starting point if we want to fend for yourself to resell a device, on specialized sites, such as iOccasion or other.

Some of these products may, however, experience several lives : a change of battery on an iPhone is not so expensive for one or two additional years of use (between 49 € and 69 €). The iPad age well and even an Apple Watch former can be used on its basic functions : notifications and activity tracking.