Iris Mittenaere : This heavy secret she has hidden her mother’s

At the end of 2015, Iris Mittenaere was elected Miss France 2016. If it don’t regret in any case to have won the famous crown, which was also sacred Miss Universe 2016 has not hidden that it was not pink every day during his reign.

Monday 20 may 2019, the beautiful brunette 26 year old was the guest ofAnne Roumanoff, on Europe 1. And she said that he had known a few shot of blues at the time of Miss France. In a first time, Iris Mittenaere regretted that it “speaks the title more than the girl behind the title“. “One day, I arrived at my grand-mother. And she said : ‘It is amazing to have Miss France at home.’ I told him that it was not me, that I was already coming. Sometimes, we lose a little bit“, she explained.

It is then the loneliness that he was much weighed because his friends and his family were in the north of France. But she never wanted to share her sadness because it was “complicated to tell people that she was unhappy, then that, to them, she had everything” : “We live in Paris, wearing beautiful dresses, it has a lot of gifts, it is difficult to say : ‘Yes, but when I get home, I’m alone. I no longer want, I don’t have the time to see my family.’ It is hard for people to understand, so we don’t say it.

Iris Mittenaere haven’t even talked to his mom Laurence, of whom she is very close. “I couldn’t tell my mom, who has worked hard all his life to have the little things that she, as me, in my life princess, I was not very happy, “concluded the young woman.

Today, the young woman will better. It should be said that after her reign of Miss Universe, she has completed many dreams. She made her debut as host on TF1 in Ninja Warrior 3, in the summer of 2018. She then participated in the ninth season of Dancing with the stars , and a few months later, she released her autobiographical book Always believe in last November.

Finally, since 2 may last, it is the star of the show, Kamel Ouali , The bird Paradise, which is played at the Paradis Latin. For the purposes of the show, she had to learn to sing.