Iris Mittenaere, a wedding in the air : “I am very happy…”

Iris Mittenaere is a woman extremely busy… from the may 2, 2019, and for nine months, our ex-Miss France and ex-Miss Universe 2016 will be the leader of review of the show The Bird paradise of Kamel Ouali at the Paradis latin in Paris. However, we will have the bomb 26-year-old finds time to spend with his family in the months to come…

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In fact, as she just announced to our fellow-members of Gala, Iris will soon play a major role in the future wedding of his mother Lauren, she is also very present on the social networks. “I try to go in the North as often as possible to see my mother, my sister Cassandra and her children, Octavian and Hermione. I would like to see them grow up… Even if it requires back-and-forth“, she began, before talking about his mom : “Whatever happens, I will have to find the time because my mom comes to me to announce a big new. She is getting married and has asked me to be his witness. Of course, I accepted, I’m very happy for her. The priority is his happiness. Often, the children cannot enjoy the marriage of their parents, at least, this will be an opportunity for all of us to find.”

In regard to his own sentimental life, Iris Mittenaere was assured that this was no longer his priority. “I prefer my work. I’m a perfectionist. What I do it is always to bottom, left to put my personal life aside. I am a woman of 26 years who wants to accomplish professionally. I can manage to flourish without necessarily having someone at my side“, she assured. And add on the ability to meet when we took his course : “I believe that the title of Miss Universe scares men. People don’t dare me to approach.

An interview to find it in full in the magazine Gala, currently in the kiosks.