Isabelle Balkany has made a suicide attempt : “I’m tired”

Isabelle Balkany, the wife of the mayor (LR) of Levallois-Perret, attempted suicide Wednesday night. As reported by Le Parisien, the wife of Patrick Balkany tried to put an end to his days on the 1st of may in the evening, in his house in the French department of Eure. According to our confreres, his days are no longer in danger. Just before moving on to the act by ingesting a large quantity of drugs, the wife of 71-year-old had posted a long message worrying on his account Facebook.

#Jesuisfatiguée of this world in violence, unbearable, unbearable… (…) #Jesuisfatiguée that a violation of tax which has not, of course, no excuse, but that has, at least, of the “explanations” family is transformed into a “crime”, wrote the deputy mayor of Levallois, which is scheduled to appear the next may 13 in front of the correctional court of Paris with her husband for tax fraud. #Jesuisfatiguée to see the suffering of the man of my life (…). I do ask myself in any way a “victim”, but, before passing judgment on my life, first try to follow my route, at once so simple and so complicated.” She concluded by saying : “As it is Labour day, I’ll take the opportunity to make a big nap…

While accusing reporters of playing “judges” and “sanctimonious”, the former vice-president of the Hauts-de-Seine does not deny the charges for which it should be judged, but ahead of the “explanations family”. She also talks about her children and grandchildren, “alas connected” to this case of money laundering of tax fraud, particularly related to real estate assets, which runs from 2014.