Isabelle Saporta : In tears, the wife of Yannick Jadot leaves RTL

Isabelle Saporta leaves RTL ! The journalist, who ran a chronic morning on the famous radio station announced, Wednesday, may 29, 2019, that she was stepping down from his post after the formalization of her relationship with Yannick Jadot, the head of the list of the party Europe Ecology The Greens. A formalization that makes controversy, since it took place only at the evening of european elections, where the party of his companion arrived in 3rd place, gaining 13 seats in the european Parliament.

In an interview to the Parisien, the journalist announced that she was leaving RTL and that she was in a relationship for nearly two years with the politician. Last Sunday, Isabelle Saporta has displayed the arms of Yannick Jadot, in front of the cameras. “If I had wanted to keep the ball rolling fake-asses, I would not have gone. But I’ve had enough of this tartufferie that is to hide to the public what the small community media knows it very well. I’ve been wanting to be on the side of Yannick, it was our victory“, she explains to the daily.

I have not lost my phd or my press card

As to the journalistic ethics, Isabelle Saporta claims to have done everything in the rules. “I have not started my career with Yannick Jadot ! I’m a committed journalist, this is why RTL is come in search of me (…) I don’t want to harm the image of RTL, it was my dream to be a journalist and it is my radio heart, “she continued. A decision, and tensions that are difficult to live for Isabelle Saporta, as our colleagues state that upon his arrival to conduct the interview, “it melts in tears“.

I find it hateful reactions from Sunday on the social networks. I have not lost my phd, my degree from Sciences-po, my 20-year journalist and my press card, not more than my brain since I am in a relationship with Yannick, “adds the former presenter. However, it is likely that it will no longer have his press card within a few months, since it also reveals to make his entry in the political world. “I’m going to engage myself in politics. The 13.5% of the votes collected by the ecologists we require to be at the height, “says t-it. But Isabelle Saporta also think to stay a journalist,”all his life” : “I hope to continue to discuss in emissions. It is important to carry the word ecologist in the media.”

Find the interview of Isabelle Saporta in full in the edition of Paris , of may 29, 2019.